What we do in supporting you to have Gifted child?

You can make your child to be a better genius by providing right atmosphere right from its conception. We assist you to make yourself such right atmosphere and to make a life- long bond between you and your gifted child. We have developed a unique programme to enhance and enrich the mental, emotional and spiritual development of the child when it is still in its mother\\\\'s womb as fetus. This programme makes the expectant mother to focus and channelize her thoughts and actions through month based therapies as mentioned below. For each month of the pregnancy period, a specific therapy which has been designed scientifically and medically is administered. The therapy starts from fourth month.

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Dhyan Baby

"Unique program in the world

Unique research in it's kind "

Dr. N. Kalyani PHD. is from the famous cotton city of south India, Rajapalayam. Dhyan baby is her brain child. Vedas, Upanishads, great gurus and master's teachings of motherhood has nurtured this brain child. It's combination of clinical, psychological, spiritual, scientific and different schools of best philosophy of pregnancy and fetal care. Dr. N. Kalyani PhD, has done M.S in psychotherapy. Psychotherapy is a process that helps you look honestly and clearly at your own self. It initiates a search for solutions and helps you take responsibility for your life, actions, feelings, health and happiness, by using and along with more other powerful techniques Dhyanbaby is helping to enrich mind, body, soul, Iq, Eq, Sq, Cq, of the baby from the womb it self. Dhyanbaby Program and successfully provided such program to many mothers since 2002.

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  • therapy

    4th Month – “SHRAVANA DEEKSHA” (Session) save Rs.300

    Rs.2,800.00 Rs.2,000.00


  • therapy

    5th Month – “ORGAN ENRICHMENT” (Session) save Rs.300

    Rs.3,300.00 Rs.3,000.00


  • therapy

    6th Month – “STIMULATING FIVE” (Session)

    Rs.4,300.00 Rs.4,000.00

  • therapy

    7th Month – “DREAM CHILD ” (Session)

    Rs.4,300.00 Rs.4,000.00

  • therapy

    8th Month – “COSMIC TOUCH” (Session)

    Rs.4,300.00 Rs.4,000.00

  • therapy

    9th Month – “JANANA GYANA” (Session)

    Rs.4,300.00 Rs.4,000.00

  • therapy

    2&3rd Month – SESSION

    Rs.2,500.00 Rs.2,000.00

  • therapy

    10th Month – (Session)

    Rs.4,300.00 Rs.4,000.00

  • therapy

    Pregnancy Yoga And Breathing Technique (Practical Session)


  • therapy

    Theory cum session 10th Month (Save Rs.300)

    Rs.4,300.00 Rs.4,000.00



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