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Our ancient epics talk a lot about how to enhance the intellectual level of a foetus. But in today’s era how has this been scientifically proved?

Sun_TV_IndiaGood question sir. As you said there is nothing left unsaid in our mythological epics. Starting from the stories of Abhimanyu, BhakthaPrahalatha in Hinduism and several other stories in other religions, a lot of emphasis has been laid on pre-natal education to improve the foetus’ intelligence. After much scientific research, it has been proved that an expectant mother’s mental health directly affects her foetus. There is abundant evidence of how much a foetus receives and how the absorbed information reflects in the baby’s character after birth.


Happiness and contentment is an important weapon. Unless and until they practice this in their practical day-to-day life, one cannot experience it. You said that 250,000 neurons develop at the 4th month and this keeps increasing in periodic cycles. And this is the stage where the grasping power of the foetus is very high. What is scientifically understood is that whatever intake the mother takes reaches the foetus. Normally, expectant mothers are put on a healthy diet so her foetus grows into a healthy baby. Now, when you talk about an intellectually healthy baby, how is this possible without any intake? What is this concept?

This ‘Dhyan Baby’ is a training program. As you said earlier, people concentrate on a healthy diet so the baby is healthy. The truth is not only the physical intake of a mother reaches her foetus but also heremotions, thoughts, actions and reactions reach the foetus. For example, both of us are different individuals because we breathe separately. Whereas, for a foetus the essential supply of food and oxygen is only from its mother through the placenta. So, the foetus is considered as a part of the mother and not as an individual. As the foetus absorbs the food and oxygen, it also absorbs the mother’s thoughts and emotions. Even if the mother takes very healthy food but constantly lives in stress and unhappiness, the chances of the baby being born healthy is slim.


There are lot of training methods available in the market for a born baby. Then why is it necessary to take this therapy during the pregnancy period?

This is when the embryo transforms into the foetus stage. The first three months, the embryo is present only as a mass of cells and abortions also take place at this time.The foetus stage is a confirmation that the baby is developing well. It is at this stage that development takes place at a remarkable speed and about 250,000 neurons develop per minute. This number increases by each day.The number can go up to 10 lakhs.


How long do they have to take this therapy course? You said the therapy starts after counselling the parents. Do they have to come every month?

Yes sir. The first therapy session starts in the 4th month. Normally there is no vast difference in the neuron count from the 4th to the 5th month. So till they come for the 5th month therapy they can continue the 4th monththerapy. Mother’s coming for the 5th month therapy can continue this till they come for their 6th month therapy and so on and so forth. So this is a month based therapy. With each month, the mother’s mental state of mind and the neuron count of the foetus changes.


There are many things to do after a baby is born but you have said that a lot of information can be fed into the foetus. Today’s program is very different. Can you give us a synopsis of how can expectant mothers improve the physical and mental health of their baby in the womb?

I have been conducting this ‘Dhyan Baby’ therapy for almost 8 years. Parents not only from India but worldwide are undergoing this therapy and are happy with the results. You can read their testimonials available in our website. The 10 months period when the foetus grows in the womb is a very important period in the life of a human being. Even ‘Spiritual in Reality’ agrees to this. They say the soul in the universe selects its parents on earth and travels to its mother’s womb at the end of the 3rd month of pregnancy.Until then it is only an embryo in the womb. Only after the soul infuses into the womb, a life starts and the foetus stage commences with the development of neurons. So what are we going to give in return to the soul who has selected us as parents? In that way the role of parents is very important to give the best to the soul. God has nominated a baby’s mother as its god on this earth. This is the conclusion I have reached after my several years of research and even our epics and mythology says so. So the mother is given the onus of determining her baby’s fate. What kind of fate is she determining for her baby depends on how she takes care of her baby in her womb. We need to utilize this huge responsibility to give a physically and mentally healthy baby to this society. For example if you want to make a pot. You can mould the pot to desired shape only when it is wet and not when dry. Similarly, you can mould the fate of your baby only when it is in the womb and not after birth.The ‘Dhyan Baby’ therapy is based on ‘Learn to learn’concept. We cannot teach our baby everything but what we can create is a thirst for knowledge. Due to this, after birth the baby has an undying thirst for knowledge. This increases his/her knowledge and wisdom. As a mother, psycho-therapist and a person who has great interest in the society, I can tell you that the ‘Dhyan Baby’ therapy is very precious and important to the society

Launching of Dhyab baby

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How aware are people to this new concept and are they showing interest in this kind of courses?

Jaya_TV_logoDefinitely!!! A lot of them are showing interest. When I say this concept is new, it is only new to the society but has been in existence since ancient days. Pregnant women are taken care of in a very special manner across all states and religions, maybe only the manner in which they are taken care of differs. It always existed but we are only technically proving them now. For example, in Hinduism we have many pregnancy related stories of BhaktaPrahalatha, Abhimanyu etc. of how their intelligence was developed. The bible even quotes thata pregnant Mary says that ‘With you coming my baby is kicking with enthusiasm’. In the Quran it is said that a foetus that remains as flesh and soul is blessed by an angel when three months. This blessing determines the foetus’s fate. Taking every aspect into consideration and scientifically proving what our ancestors have said, we understand that from the moment a pregnancy is confirmed, the almighty has sent the mother as the god to take care of the baby on earth. God has given the mother the responsibility of determining the fate of the baby within the remaining months of pregnancy. Our overall research summarises the ideas, actions, thoughts and mental and emotional state of the expectant mother determines the fate of the baby.

How did you arrive at the Dhyan Baby courses concept?
I began noticing physical and mental disparity amongst small children. Over a period of time I came to know that this disparity must have started in the pregnancy period itself. So after a research for about 5 – 6 years, I devised a courses and has been successfully practising this for about 6 – 7 years.

Can you explain each type of courses?
Starting from the 10th week of the foetus, about 250,000 neurons develop per minute. As the months progress, it touches even 500,000 neurons per minute. Our courses is based on this brain development. As neurons are being formed they absorb any kind of positive inputs. In the 7th and 8th month of pregnancy, the positive thoughts filled neurons link together to form a web. This web determines the intelligence of a baby. Subsequently, the empty neurons become useless. Depending on these counts, the foetus’ sense organs like audio, sight, olfactory touch senses develop.These sense organs develop at a particular month or period. So depending on this development we give the courses accordingly

What difference do you see between children who have taken this courses and those who have not?
I have been performing this Dhyan Baby courses for the past 6 years. I also run a school called KKG – Kids Knowledge Garden in Rajapalayam that implements various psychotherapy methods. Children who underwent my Dhyan Baby courses have also enrolled in this school. I can see an immense difference between the children even in simple things such as how they see and absorb things in their surroundings. I can even see a lot of difference in the way they speak and understand different things. They even know how to emotionally connect with others. More than me the parents are extremely satisfied with their progress.

What are the basic steps that one has to follow while taking this courses?
Basic steps I would say is to just be very happy and relaxed because you are about to give a precious gift to the society. Do your work, however simple it is, with involvement and wholeheartedly. This is sure guarantee that you will give birth to a genius. Do not do anything half-heartedly as it is not good for you or your unborn baby.

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Vanakkam Tamizhlagam


My research involves the activities and therapies that can be given to an expectant mother. These activities determine the intellectual level of the baby. During the 4th month of pregnancy we teach the expectant mother a particular technique to communicate with her baby. By doing this the foetus is ready for a complete development.

All organs start developing from the 5th month onwards. This is irrespective of whether the expectant mother has undergone the therapy in the 4th month or not. Now, why are we talking about organs here? During the 5th month, neurons connecting all the organs develop. When we stimulate these neurons, the organs are automatically stimulated and develop very well. It is known that healthy organs comprise a healthy body. In short,during the 5th month, we only stimulate these organs and aid the baby in developing into a healthy and intelligent human being.

The foetus’ IQ is formed in the 6th month. How important is IQ and knowledge? IQ does not develop due to external factors. Please understand that each neuron in our brain can form a link with 1 lakh other neurons. The links between these neurons later developinto intelligence. So the baby’s intelligence depends on how many links have been formed. Now how is this intelligence developed? Our research says that it is developed through our 5 sense organs. That is, Vision, Olfactory, Audio, Gustatory and Touch sense. How are we going to benefit from this? For example, everyone sees with the help of their eyes. But not all that is seen is registered in their brain. When the neurons related to vision is stimulated in the foetus, the baby after birth will be able to observe several things with the help of his/her eyes. What the baby sees causes an immediate imprint in his/her brain. Not many of us implement our observation as it is not registered in our brain. The neurons that have the capacity to convert knowledge to wisdom develop mainly during the 6th month. So when we give a particular kind of therapy during this month, the respective neurons are highly stimulated and the chances of the baby being born intelligent are very high.

The 7th month is interesting because the foetus starts dreaming. Normally, when human beings dream many neurons are activated. Imagine a foetus that has actually not seen the external world? When it starts dreaming, the related neurons develop at a very high speed with a certain amount of power. It is during this time that the foetus develops EQ – emotional quotient.How important is this emotional quotient? The foetus does not just receive food from its mother. But it also receives its mother’s thoughts, emotions, feelings and state of mind through the placenta. How does this affect the baby? For example, if an expectant mother gets scared after seeing a horror movie, her heart beats at 140 times per minute. Getting scared is an emotion associated with the mind but this state of mind affects her physical body. When a foetus is growing within a woman, it is not considered as a different person but as a part of the woman. A baby is considered as a single entity only if he/she starts breathing independently. But that is not the case with a foetus. So here the chances of the baby being affected by the mother’s physical, mental and emotional state of mind. Since the foetus is growing in the womb, it has a great capacity of absorbing anything, positive or negative, coming through the placenta.When we feed the expectant mother with positive thoughts, the inputs directly reach the foetus. This helps in giving an intellectual and responsible human being to this society.


Good evening, I’ve been to speaking to you about how to enhance a foetus’ intelligence and what are the therapy methods to be adopted during this period. Today, we are going to talk about Genes – hereditary and the vital role it plays in creating its imprints (thoughts and actions) in the foetus. Imprint is an important aspect in a developing foetus.A brief run through of what we have been talking about so far, the hearing sense develops in the 4th month. So during this period the parents have to talk a lot to the foetus so the related neurons are stimulated. During the 5th month, the organs start developing and when we give a stimulating therapy its cells develop very well. The IQ cells develop during the 6th month. What are IQ cells? The links that form between each neuron forms the intelligence. When these are strongly developed they give commands to the respective organs and absorb the information coming through these sense organs.

What are gene imprints?

How do a mother’s actions, thoughts and vision affect the foetus. Let’s recall an article that appeared in the newspapers about 3 years ago. A black baby was born to a white German couple. The whole world was wondering how a black baby can be born to a white couple though DNA tests proved that the baby was born to them. Scientists went into a dizzy of research with the fact that starting seven generations before there was no black from both the families. Then, how did they have a black baby. They realized that it was due to the mother’s imprints. During her pregnancy period, the lady visited many orphanages to spend time with little children. She had developed great affinity with black children. Whenever she interacted with black children, she used to wholeheartedly enjoy seeing them, interacting with them, listening to them, etc. This was done with great involvement. Moreover, she hung a picture of a black baby in her room. During her free time she used to see the baby with great passion. Scientists after a lot of research have proved that a black baby was born to her because of the great affinity she showed towards them during her pregnancy. This event proves that imprints of vision do reach the foetus. So based on this concept, we give specific therapy to enhance the intellectual power of the baby.

A couple approached me with a valid doubt. They told me that both of them were short tempered and one of the genes carried a chronic disease. They were wondering if, through this therapy, the negative trait could be stopped from passing on to their child. I assured them and now I’m assuring all of you watching this program that whether you take this therapy or not, whatever a mother does during her pregnancy period will be passed on easily to her foetus. It has been scientifically proved that even HIV+ parents can give birth to normal babies, if treatment is given to the foetus itself. This is not a miraclebut what is important is the level of neurons and its receiving capacity. How can this be done? For example if I have a red flower and I want a light pink flower. How can we change it? When the plant is still a sapling, if we do a tissue culture with a white flower the sapling will grow into a pink flower. Likewise, even though genes play a vital role in transferring the characters of parents to the baby, the negative characters can be overcome by feeding only positive thoughts to the foetus by its mother. This is sure guarantee that the baby born will be a wonderful person in this society. Such is the impact of imprints, thoughts and actions of the expectant mother. This 6th month therapy combines imprints with IQ and genetic characters for positive results.

The emotional quotient (EQ) develops during the 7th month. Is EQ really important? Definitely because not all intellectuals are stress free, happy and content without tension. But is this an appropriate time to give this therapy? When we give some information to a 25 year old, 10 year old and a 3 year old, who do you think will grasp this faster?All of us will agree that the 3 year old will grasp the information the fastest. Then imagine someone younger than the 3 year old. When a baby is born, he/she has about 100 crore neurons. These neurons are equivalent to the intellectual cells of a grown up person. Up to the age of 3, the baby’s receiving capacity is very high and will absorb any training given to him/her. If this is the case for a growing child, imagine the capacity of a foetus. Once a baby is born all the developed cells only grow in size, we have not heard of a new organ being formed after birth. Whereas,during pregnancy there is a new cell are being formed every second in a foetus. So at this time we can feed the foetus with rich thoughts, intelligence and actions. There are many infant related stories from ancient times to the present days. The story of BhaktaPrahalatha is a perfect example.

His mother fed him with stories of Narayanapuranam so he could be born as a pious baby. In fact, he is the one to have earned the name as’GarbaSreeman’ because he learned a lot when he was in his mother’s womb. So the technique of teaching the foetus was followed even during ancient times.Similarly, Abhimanyu’s story in Mahabharatha. It is known that he could easily come out of the ‘Chakra Vuegum’ only because he listened to the secrets when he was in his mother’s womb. Even at 18 years he could remember the secrets. This proves the importance of the pregnancy period for a woman. Keeping this in mind we give treatments and therapies according to the mother’s mind set. We have been seeing how a mother’s emotional state of mind affects her foetus. In recent times, actor Kamal Hassan mentioned in an interview that when his mother was expecting his elder brother Charu Hassan, she was totally pre-occupied in litigation activities.

This made her spend a lot of time in the court. The imprints were passed on her foetus and today Kamal Hassan’s brother is an advocate. Similarly, when his mother was pregnant with him, she watched a lot of movies and visited shooting spots. This effect rubbed on to Kamal Hassan and today as all of you know, Kamal is a great actor. Even Ex-President Abdul Kalam’s brother commented that when his mother was pregnant with Abdul Kalam, she was radiating with energy and brightness. So they were aware and expecting Abdul Kalam to be an intellectual and well-read scholar. From ancient times to the present times, irrespective of caste, creed, culture, tradition, religion and geographic region, everyone gives immense importance to the pregnancy period.

In that way, today we are adapting a scientifically proved training method the Pre-natal education system. We are talking about our monthly therapy based on the foetus’ neuron development and the mother’s mental and emotional state of mind, the result of which we can see as a precious gift to the society.

Why do we have to teach a foetus? Will the foetus receive any kind of education we impart in the womb? Definitely! Pregnancy period is the only period where the mother spends every single second in a day with her baby and also this is the only period wherethe foetus absorbs every single input 100% without distractions. So, initially we observe the expectant mother’s emotional state of mind and accordingly give the treatment. There are 6 kinds of treatment. We start the treatment from the 4th month onwards up to the 9th month. This is because there are 250,000 neurons at the 4th month and this keeps increasing to almost 10 lakhs at the 9th month. Today we will see what kind of treatment can be given during this period.
We start the therapy with the ‘Welcome the womb’ therapy. It has been scientifically and spiritually across all religions, proved that at the 4th month the soul from the universe selects its mother and enters the womb giving life to the foetus. So what best can a mother give the soul who has selected them as parents, treats them as god and has surrendered to them? So it’s the ‘Welcome to the womb’ therapy during this month.

The 5th month therapy is the organ therapy. The organs develop during this period. Here the therapy involves stimulating them so that the foetus grows in to a healthy baby. 6th month is the IQ therapy. This month’s therapy is important as the IQ develops in this stage. That is the developed neurons form links. We do the EQ therapy during the 7th month. What is this emotional quotient? With the help of this therapy we enhance the baby’s emotion and maturity level. This transforms the baby into a dream child. The 8th month therapy concentrates on developing the SQ level of the baby. What is SQ? It is called Spiritual Quotient. Why do we need to give this therapy at this stage and what are its benefits? By giving the SQ therapy, the other quotientsdevelop easily and also the organs are well stimulated. The 9th month is the ‘Birth Secret’ therapy.

Now we will see why we need to give a particular therapy at a particular stage and how do we give them.We initially observe the emotional state of the father and mother. This therapy is not a standard, off the shelf one but tailor made for each couple depending on their physical and mental health status. Couples come from different social backgrounds and will have to relieve themselves from all stress to start this therapy. Like if they have any physical ailments, we treat it initially, distress them and then commence the therapy when they are calm. Normally, we hear people say it is better to have a baby when the woman is physically and mentally healthy. If a baby is conceived beyond these factors it is important that we concentrate on giving a healthy baby to this society. For a normal couple we create a stress free environment during the 3rd month of pregnancy and then start the therapy from the 4th month onwards. So the therapy starts when the baby moves from the embryo stage to the foetus stage. The therapy given every month is derived after much scientific research depending on the mother’s and foetus’ physical and emotional health condition. Using this technique the foetus’ cells are well stimulated.

What are IQ, EQ and SQ and why do we have to give them at this stage?
Scientists after much research have done transplantation of human foetal tissues. What research is this? Scientists took human foetal tissues and implanted them into Down Syndrome children. They were amazed to see the mental and brain development of the Down Syndrome child. This goes to prove that when cells can develop so well in another child’s brain, imagine the development that takes place in the womb. It is easy to gain knowledge but difficult to learn to gain knowledge. Our technique teaches the foetus the recipe of how to learn to gain knowledge by itself. This technique teaches the baby to react calmly and rationally at all situations and circumstances. Research conducted in big corporate firms says that at the entry level the IQ of all employees were at the same level.

Tests conducted during the 2nd level say that even though all of them had the same IQ, persons who had a higher EQ were only selected for this level. Travelling beyond this, persons in the core team had a high SQ level. Research proves that the IQ, EQ and SQ levels were developed in the womb itself. Scientists have proved that people who have high IQ may not necessarily have high EQ or SQ. Similarly, for people who have a high level of EQ. But it has been proved that persons who have a high level of SQ also have a high level of IQ and EQ. This develops during the 8th month. Our ancestors knowingly or unknowingly followed an excellent custom.

After the 7th month ‘Valakaapu’ function, the expectant mother stays at her mother’s house. During this period the expectant mother spends her time reading spiritual books thereby enlightening her spiritual knowledge. After birth, even though the person does not indulge in rituals or spiritual activities, research has proved that the person has very high SQ levels. Research and many testimonials have proved that when we stimulate the neurons at every stage, the born baby will be physically, emotionally and spiritually healthy. But this month based therapy has to be followed only during that month. For example, the therapy to improve the EQ has to be given only during the 7th month and cannot be given during the 4th month or the 9th month.

Even doctors recommend that a woman must be physically and mentally healthy during herpregnancy period. Doctors say that a mother’s mental state of being reaches her foetus.During a recent research two non-native speaking expectant mothers were asked to listen to English audio tapes. One lady was given an audio tape with American accented English while the other lady was given one with British accent. When the children were around 4 years old, their English knowledge was remarkable with the respective accents even though they were not native English speakers. The Japanese and Chinese find it very difficult to speak English. One of the reasons is that they don’t have the letter ‘L’ in their native script and so they can’t pronounce it. For example they will pronounce the word ‘follow’ as ‘forrow’ in spite of giving them a lot of training. Again research has proved thatthey could grasp it only if they were trained when they were below 3 years of age. After that they could not grasp the letter ‘L’ irrespective of the intensity of the training. The child is not able to absorb it into its system.

I can give you another example. When you are making a clay pot, its shape can be determined only when the clay is wet. Once made and dried the shape of the pot cannot be changed. If you try it will break. Similarly, you can shape the IQ, EQ, SQ and whatever you want of a baby when it is in the womb. After birth it is similar to a dried pot. Characters can be shaped or fine-tuned but a mother will have to do a lot of hard work. The 10 months the baby spends in the womb is the best period to train it for anything. Neurons develop at a very fast pace and while developing it yearns to absorb any information that comes by its way.

So I like to reiterate that this is the best period for giving any kind of input and shaping the future of the baby after birth. The unutilized cells are all wasted. Now whether the baby’s cells are going to be utilized or wasted depends on the mother’s effort to continuously give positive inputs to the foetus. So finally it remains in the mother’s hands whether she wants to avail of such a wonderful therapy and give a magnificent baby to this society and world.


Welcome to Dhyanbaby

Depending upon the life expected and no. of storeys, the foundation for the building is decided. Due to space constraints our mankind has to live in multi-storeyed buildings which require strong foundation than before.

Leave alone foundation for building!!

What is the foundation for the life of mankind who is living for 100 years?

The 10 months period in mothers’ womb!

That is the foundation for the mankind.

How the mother pays attention for this 10 months period is imperative for the child to flourish in its life for the rest of 100 years!! The baby may not be in your arms just yet, but that does not mean you can’t get to know each other form of bond.