Launching of Dhyab baby

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How aware are people to this new concept and are they showing interest in this kind of courses?

Jaya_TV_logoDefinitely!!! A lot of them are showing interest. When I say this concept is new, it is only new to the society but has been in existence since ancient days. Pregnant women are taken care of in a very special manner across all states and religions, maybe only the manner in which they are taken care of differs. It always existed but we are only technically proving them now. For example, in Hinduism we have many pregnancy related stories of BhaktaPrahalatha, Abhimanyu etc. of how their intelligence was developed. The bible even quotes thata pregnant Mary says that ‘With you coming my baby is kicking with enthusiasm’. In the Quran it is said that a foetus that remains as flesh and soul is blessed by an angel when three months. This blessing determines the foetus’s fate. Taking every aspect into consideration and scientifically proving what our ancestors have said, we understand that from the moment a pregnancy is confirmed, the almighty has sent the mother as the god to take care of the baby on earth. God has given the mother the responsibility of determining the fate of the baby within the remaining months of pregnancy. Our overall research summarises the ideas, actions, thoughts and mental and emotional state of the expectant mother determines the fate of the baby.

How did you arrive at the Dhyan Baby courses concept?
I began noticing physical and mental disparity amongst small children. Over a period of time I came to know that this disparity must have started in the pregnancy period itself. So after a research for about 5 – 6 years, I devised a courses and has been successfully practising this for about 6 – 7 years.

Can you explain each type of courses?
Starting from the 10th week of the foetus, about 250,000 neurons develop per minute. As the months progress, it touches even 500,000 neurons per minute. Our courses is based on this brain development. As neurons are being formed they absorb any kind of positive inputs. In the 7th and 8th month of pregnancy, the positive thoughts filled neurons link together to form a web. This web determines the intelligence of a baby. Subsequently, the empty neurons become useless. Depending on these counts, the foetus’ sense organs like audio, sight, olfactory touch senses develop.These sense organs develop at a particular month or period. So depending on this development we give the courses accordingly

What difference do you see between children who have taken this courses and those who have not?
I have been performing this Dhyan Baby courses for the past 6 years. I also run a school called KKG – Kids Knowledge Garden in Rajapalayam that implements various psychotherapy methods. Children who underwent my Dhyan Baby courses have also enrolled in this school. I can see an immense difference between the children even in simple things such as how they see and absorb things in their surroundings. I can even see a lot of difference in the way they speak and understand different things. They even know how to emotionally connect with others. More than me the parents are extremely satisfied with their progress.

What are the basic steps that one has to follow while taking this courses?
Basic steps I would say is to just be very happy and relaxed because you are about to give a precious gift to the society. Do your work, however simple it is, with involvement and wholeheartedly. This is sure guarantee that you will give birth to a genius. Do not do anything half-heartedly as it is not good for you or your unborn baby.