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Our ancient epics talk a lot about how to enhance the intellectual level of a foetus. But in today’s era how has this been scientifically proved?

Sun_TV_IndiaGood question sir. As you said there is nothing left unsaid in our mythological epics. Starting from the stories of Abhimanyu, BhakthaPrahalatha in Hinduism and several other stories in other religions, a lot of emphasis has been laid on pre-natal education to improve the foetus’ intelligence. After much scientific research, it has been proved that an expectant mother’s mental health directly affects her foetus. There is abundant evidence of how much a foetus receives and how the absorbed information reflects in the baby’s character after birth.


Happiness and contentment is an important weapon. Unless and until they practice this in their practical day-to-day life, one cannot experience it. You said that 250,000 neurons develop at the 4th month and this keeps increasing in periodic cycles. And this is the stage where the grasping power of the foetus is very high. What is scientifically understood is that whatever intake the mother takes reaches the foetus. Normally, expectant mothers are put on a healthy diet so her foetus grows into a healthy baby. Now, when you talk about an intellectually healthy baby, how is this possible without any intake? What is this concept?

This ‘Dhyan Baby’ is a training program. As you said earlier, people concentrate on a healthy diet so the baby is healthy. The truth is not only the physical intake of a mother reaches her foetus but also heremotions, thoughts, actions and reactions reach the foetus. For example, both of us are different individuals because we breathe separately. Whereas, for a foetus the essential supply of food and oxygen is only from its mother through the placenta. So, the foetus is considered as a part of the mother and not as an individual. As the foetus absorbs the food and oxygen, it also absorbs the mother’s thoughts and emotions. Even if the mother takes very healthy food but constantly lives in stress and unhappiness, the chances of the baby being born healthy is slim.


There are lot of training methods available in the market for a born baby. Then why is it necessary to take this therapy during the pregnancy period?

This is when the embryo transforms into the foetus stage. The first three months, the embryo is present only as a mass of cells and abortions also take place at this time.The foetus stage is a confirmation that the baby is developing well. It is at this stage that development takes place at a remarkable speed and about 250,000 neurons develop per minute. This number increases by each day.The number can go up to 10 lakhs.


How long do they have to take this therapy course? You said the therapy starts after counselling the parents. Do they have to come every month?

Yes sir. The first therapy session starts in the 4th month. Normally there is no vast difference in the neuron count from the 4th to the 5th month. So till they come for the 5th month therapy they can continue the 4th monththerapy. Mother’s coming for the 5th month therapy can continue this till they come for their 6th month therapy and so on and so forth. So this is a month based therapy. With each month, the mother’s mental state of mind and the neuron count of the foetus changes.


There are many things to do after a baby is born but you have said that a lot of information can be fed into the foetus. Today’s program is very different. Can you give us a synopsis of how can expectant mothers improve the physical and mental health of their baby in the womb?

I have been conducting this ‘Dhyan Baby’ therapy for almost 8 years. Parents not only from India but worldwide are undergoing this therapy and are happy with the results. You can read their testimonials available in our website. The 10 months period when the foetus grows in the womb is a very important period in the life of a human being. Even ‘Spiritual in Reality’ agrees to this. They say the soul in the universe selects its parents on earth and travels to its mother’s womb at the end of the 3rd month of pregnancy.Until then it is only an embryo in the womb. Only after the soul infuses into the womb, a life starts and the foetus stage commences with the development of neurons. So what are we going to give in return to the soul who has selected us as parents? In that way the role of parents is very important to give the best to the soul. God has nominated a baby’s mother as its god on this earth. This is the conclusion I have reached after my several years of research and even our epics and mythology says so. So the mother is given the onus of determining her baby’s fate. What kind of fate is she determining for her baby depends on how she takes care of her baby in her womb. We need to utilize this huge responsibility to give a physically and mentally healthy baby to this society. For example if you want to make a pot. You can mould the pot to desired shape only when it is wet and not when dry. Similarly, you can mould the fate of your baby only when it is in the womb and not after birth.The ‘Dhyan Baby’ therapy is based on ‘Learn to learn’concept. We cannot teach our baby everything but what we can create is a thirst for knowledge. Due to this, after birth the baby has an undying thirst for knowledge. This increases his/her knowledge and wisdom. As a mother, psycho-therapist and a person who has great interest in the society, I can tell you that the ‘Dhyan Baby’ therapy is very precious and important to the society