Sneha & Bharath

When we start pretental class with Dr.kalyani we were not sure about what we were signing up for. The whole experience of talking to our little one and passing on our good thoughts while the baby is stille in the womb, was overwhelming, We were able to visualise and feel the development of the baby at every stage and this made our pregnance journy very memorable. We thank Dr.kalyani for her time and support and we highly recommend these session for any expecting parent.

I am jotting down some of my opinion and experience of taking the “Dhyan Baby” therapy.. Welcoming the baby to the womb was so wonderful. Talking to the baby that way everyday made us feel how fortunate we were to become parents..Also it helped a lot in compensating for the mood flux that comes due to the harmonal changes during pregnancy in early stages.. 5th month therapy made us realize about the importance of nature and its influence in baby growth. 6th month therapy–giving stimulus to the senses.. made us eargerly await to see the baby enjoy this beautiful world through her senses.. 7th month therapy was it had no bounds for our imagination of the baby as the most genius in the world.. It was really the most emotional moments in life to imagine our child to be the most successful person. 8th month therapy gave me a complete satisfaction with the entire therapy.. doing this therapy made us see ourselves connected with the supreme spirit beyond all the materialistic world. 9th month therapy gave me the complete confidence for a happy and healthy delivery.. Just because i took this therapy, i dint have any fear for delivery. As we talk to the baby, i was able to cope up the pain positively in high spirits.. Once she was born, the first one hour, she was so active and responded so well to our voices.. that was the most excited moment in life.. We enjoyed the pregnancy everyday..and those words that we spoke to her are still in mind, and could cherish those moments forever.. Thanks a lot for giving us the therapy with your sweet voice..

The Therapy

This DHYAN BABY therapy is one of the beautiful things i ever came across in my life.. Its so realistic and fruitful in more than one ways.. For a happy-go-lucky person like me, who is blessed with not struggling much to reach the goal, obviously would want my baby to be the same…. Anybody pregnant is sure to be happy but you’ll feel divine after this therapy.. It tells u how precious ur baby is and what should you do to fulfill the baby’s expectations.. The therapy helps you to wish for all the good things in the world to happen to ur baby… This positive approach right from the beginning lays a wonderful foundation… I liked all the 6 months therapy but the highlight of it is the 9th month therapy because that really happened to me.. Easy and painless labour.. I am grateful to the therapy and my guru…

My Guru

Ms.Kalyani. You are an energetic and highly creative person.. Your way of interaction and your style of presentation is so beautiful.. Your involvement with the baby during the therapy is so amazing… My mother was equally interested in attending the therapies… Now i am looking forward to putting my daughter in your Gita classes… You are a wonderful GURU… Thank you so much… Keep doing the wonderful job and let everybody be benefited from your work….